Road Accident

My brother is a lorry driver, he belongs to tamilnadu. Two days ago near Guntur, Andhra pradesh he has has parked his lorry in the left side of the highway road and he slept inside. A speeding biker had somehow came and dashed in the rear portion of this lorry and sustained injury and he is now admitted in hospital. The police which came later in this case has taken both the driver and the lorry to the near by station. At starting police said they should receive the hospital report then only they can decide what to do. Next thing they asked the driver why did he park the vehicel in left side of the road which is biker's way. The hospital report came and that person has suffered some serious the police is asking the lorry driver to give Rs.30,000 to the person who got injured , or they are going to file an F I R and produce the lorry driver in the court. My question is 1, is it right which the police is doing? 2, this is not hit and run case or had a fatal result, in which way can this case be treated? 3, will the lorry driver will be imprisoned? 4, should the lorry driver pay any compensation or the insurance company of the both party should pay?