Need divorce from Wife

My wife is a BPD patient and had made my life miserable. After much torture, I had to leave her and go abroad. The problem is she is not ready to give divorce which she told many times on previous occasions. Now she says she agrees to mutual consent but I am vary of the fact that she is just playing it up to make me come to India. She insists that she wants me and her together to file mutual consent divorce(As per her discussion with her lawyer) when it is known that self presence is necessary only when there is hearing. In my overseas country, a one year separation is a ground for divorce and I can file the case here- the court will sent the divorce notice to her in India. If she does not respond or whether she consents or not, the court will deliver divorce after 30-60 days. I know that is not valid in India but valid here. Is there any case she can file against me as I am not within her reach nowadays and she does not know my whereabouts. It is also possible that she will give me the maintenance notice once I am near her. She has already started advertising in matrimony site with status as awaiting divorce. In short, she is a big time fraud , her mental state has been diagnosed with phycho disorder but I am also conscious of the fact that Indian courts will take ages / may not give divorce on that count on the pretext of treatment. I am also wary that on giving her summon from overseas court, she will come to know my address and can file criminal case against me,. I have decided to ask her to send me a draft of the mutual petition and check her genuinity and tell her that I will sign and send it back to her for filing(for which presence is not required)