Legal Process for land partition

My father have 4 brothers (in total 5 brothers). They purchased some land (around 7-8 acres) in 3 different land registries about 20 years back and distributed land among themselves on mutual understanding. Around 5 years back (Apr 21, 2011) Govt. of Haryana planned to acquire a portion of this land (around 5 acres) - Section 4, Section 6 & Section 9/Award were issued. However, before the we could pick up the compensation, complete village filed for Stay in Supreme Court and case was accepted by court. Since then this land case is tangled in legal course. Now all 5 brothers want to distribute/partition land legally (khata phadwana) of all the 8 acres of land - 5 acres which is under acquisition and 3 acres which is under no acquisition. Ques 1: Is it legally possible to distribute land for which Award has been issued and under acquisition? Also, I understand per new LARR Act 2013, if a land's award/compensation issued under older Land Act 1894 is not picked by farmers within 5 YEARS, acquisition proceedings will be cancelled and need to be issued afresh under new LARR ACT 2013. Ques 2: Is above true and correct?