Land transfer before society formation.

Hi, I am living in Kamothe. Builder has got OC in 2010.Since last 5 yrs he has not formed society.He has given fake promises like in 15days/1mth I will form society,but as it is verbel communication he not tried for it.Even we flat owners has given him 25000 for society formation/conveyance deed in cash.He is taking maintenance also in cash and not giving receipt for same.We started asking him about society formation in written then he replied us that I am ready to form the society but flat owner are not cooperating him. In our letter we asked him to arrange generel meeting and collect documents.We even asked him about income loss audit to show for last 5 yrs. To days before we sent us letter,he mentioned in that as per our commitment I had put file for land transfer for the proposed society.After getting it done will go for registration of the society. I had put the name of those flat owner who has submitted the document. My question is:- 1) Is it possible to go for land transfer before society registration. 2) What if he has kept some flat owner out of list purposely. 3) How genuine this builder is. 3) How we will get to know about this from cidco.