Prosecuting a Village Panchayat President in Tamil Nadu

A Village Panchayat President in Tamil Nadu is constructing a public road on govt.water catching lands and willfully deviated the road over my Patta land, in spite of my several oral (telephonic) & written objections (thru' Regd. post with A/D). The Panchayat President is being instigated by some villagers, lead by an ex-Councillor of that village, who is encouraged by my adjacent landowner-having vested interest in my property, as he was unsuccessful in buying it. The said Tar road is being laid to connect a make-shift temple, which was raised by some miscreant villagers on the embankment of a Govt.Pond. This makeshift temple is located 0.8 km away from the village and surrounded by agricultural lands on 3 sides and govt. land on one side. Still there is a possibility to put said Tar road, to the make-shift temple without intruding into my agricultural Patta land. The Panchayat President has taken up the said Public Tar road (along with other roads in their Panchayat Limits) under Tamil Nadu Village Habitation Improvement Scheme (THAI) in Sept.2015. No action has been initiated against the Panchayat President by the Police, Tahsildar, BDO, A.D (Panchayats) and District Collector against my written complaints Interestingly the Father of the Panchayat President somehow got the work contract awarded to him for laying all the roads under the Panchayat limits. Under these circumstances, 1.Can the Village Panchayat President be prosecuted for encroaching into the private patta land ? 2. Whether prior permission is needed from the inspector of Panchayats (District Collector)? 3. How to get rid of the road and the damages caused by laying a Tar road over my Patta Land? Please guide me with your expert opinions/advise. Thanks and Regards. SP