Settlement amount in Divorce.

I am a Christian Catholic, lady married now 9 yrs. for the past4 yrs my husband hasn't been providing for my daughter 8yrs) and myself. I came down to India for her education which he agreed to. In the past 4 yrs he never spoke or tried to wrk at our problems. He then comes dwn n wants me to move in with him. I disagree coz obviously issues aren't resolved n he clearly stated he wants to hive it a try not for our relationship but for our child's sake. We met with marriage counselors but nothing. I have petitioned for restitution, and he has filed for divorce. He not finds it troublesome to come to court and is looking to settle out of court. I recently fount out that his monthly salary is 120000 Rupees and my salary as a teacher is 26000 p.m. IF i go for mutual what would be a decent amount to settle for. He has deprived my daughter and myself of a comfortable living. I have been with my parents living on their cost only recently since 2015 did i begin to earn. How do i recover from him all of this, not to mention the psychological and emotional trauma i have been through. Please advise as i am looking out for my daughters interest.