Restitution of conjugal rights

I am a Christian Catholic, lady married now 6 yrs. for the past 3 yrs my husband hasn't been providing for my daughter (6 yrs) and myself. I came down to India for her education which he agreed in the past 3 yrs he never spoke or tried to wrk at our problems. He then comes dwn n wants me to move in with him. I disagree coz obviously issues aren't resolved n he clearly stated he wants to hive it a try not for our relationship but for our child's sake. Now he's sent me a lawyers letter totally blaming me which is incorrect and petitioning for mutual divorce. I on the other hand never wanted a divorce and still dont. I need to reply to his lawyers letter but Can I now petition for restitution for conjugal rights where I still want to live n try it out. Can this be done and I also reply to the lawyers notice. I live in Pune. I don't accept his notice totally blaming me when in reality the psychological trauma emotional injury he's given me I shd divorce him. But in my heart this is wrong n against my code of ethics n religion. Please help