How. do I withdraw my divorce and live together with my husband?

There was a small problem between me and my husband and I said him to leave me at my house.After that he did not respond to my calls and messages and because of this the problem grew bigger , and he also refused to give the money given to it's now 4 and half years.last year , having no other go, I had to file the case in family court as well as criminal court.Still I love him and wish to live with him.ours was a love marriage.Even in the first counselling I couldn't tell my heart as I was in a after just one counselling it's been handed over to the court because there was a request from our side to quickly do the procedures and not prolong. My date is nearing to attend the court.I wish to live with my husband and don't know whether he will accept after all jewels and other things are with him.I m really confused what I should do..will there be any counselling hereafter? And suppose if I say I want to live with him and he doesn't does this petition of mine for my jewels etc get affected.?