Police trying to book me due to my mediation

My cousin met a person, who was very close with three district collectors and two district superintendent of police personnel and he worked as election watch state coordinator. That person always roam in higher officials cars , to my surprise even collectors stand up and invited him to their chambers. With the above credentials my cousin went to him and introduced himself as a student and looking for a job. That person introduced him as a United Nations Employee Hyderabad Regional Director and offered a government job if he pay few lacks. Finally my cousin borrowed money from friends and relatives and paid the sum. That person gave appointment letter with United Nations stamp under ministry of HRD by knowing this my cousins friends approached him and 2 of them joined through him by paying certain amount in return that person gave them post dated Cheque's and an agreement which says after 18 months your training will be over and will make you permanent. Everything is on the right track for 18 months . He is paying but there is no government account and no pf nothing . My cousin keep asking him of these accounts but he is not responding and always replying in English or Hindi , but my cousin is from village knew little bit English and he can not threaten him due to his relations with higher officials and my cousin explained me everything and asked me to help him out . I went to my cousin's office in support of my cousin as a big brother I inquired of my cousins job, first he threatened me, later i demanded him to payback my cousins money by saying ( if you wont pay we will approach the police as we have cheques and agreements with us ) he agreed to pay back our amount and asked us to come on a particular date . I met him 3 to 5 times for money at last he paid 1 lac rupees and gave his mobile phone worth Rs.9000 for my expenses and interest on that sum. Here after I told my cousin to inform this situation to everyone of your colleagues and he called them and asked them to meet me but they refused to meet me by saying ( Why to meet your brother? Our employment is going to be permanent within 2 months if i meet your brother , if our sir knew this he will remove me from the job) this, and everyone rejected to meet me with the same reason. I left from there and finally 18 months over and my cousin also continuing in that job because his colleague told him about the permanency of the job. These 18 months he paid Rs.7000/month and after 18 months he paid Rs.15000/month for 3 months . For the past two months he is not paying salaries now they raised the issue and my cousin complained to the police. While the police entered into the scene , they got calls from 3 district collectors do not arrest him. At last Dy.SP dared and arrested him. Here is the interesting matter: While the police interrogating informally he told that i took money from these people but from that i paid 6 lacks to my employees brother ( its me). He paid only one lac but told 6 lacks . Now the police called me and my brother to the station and threatening us to accept 6 lacs instead 1 lac. We said no to them. I don't remember the messages sent to him at that time and i don't remember my phone conversation with the accused but police are asking why you sent this message and why you talked like this but i don't remember what was my phone conversation and messages. I need those conversations is it possible to get those ? How the police will get those conversation without court permission ? Is it possible to get the conversations from the feb to till date. Because this was happened in feb 2015. If possible to get those what is the procedure ? A person who is a close associate with the police told me that police cant recover money from the accused but want to close the case. So they are planning to book you under blackmail case by writing 10 lacks extorted . They will beat you and your cousin and will make you to accept 10 lacks extortion then they will distribute this money to the employees. I explained the case in brief please provide me the solution ? Is it possible to the police to get the call records, data, messages to read ? If so how could i get my own records because they are asking me different question i don't even remember? How to come out of this illegal case ? Do the police arrest me ? On what grounds possibility ? Why the police are after me instead the accused ? Complainant is my cousin but police interrogated my cousin also how he has to come out of this mess? Finally what should i do ?