I got married on 20.08.12 at marthandom at St.Augustine church , Kulashekaram. my father in law is a retd captain in army. they said my husband is a B.E graduate and going to canada for his job.my husband family demanded 7 lakhs,100 sov jewels along with car and home appliances. I lived for 4 months. my in-laws demanded more dowry and sent me out of the house. after 9 months of marriage, i gave a complaint asking for my money and jewels. first i took my house hold things and car and promised me they ll give me the money and jewels in two months. i was working in chennai that time. mean time my husband pleaded me to come back over the phone and on 15.01.14 my husband came to chennai. he begged me and said he had no one known in chennai. so i allowed him to stay in my house. everyday i went to office and on 20.1.14 he stabbed me with knife. FIR was filed by Thiruporour PS and on 5.12.14 the police the file. now we have opened the case at chengalpet court but the police is keeping blind not sending the summon. my husband family is threatening me not to ask for the money and jewels and to close the case. now i need divorce, my money and jewels. can i ask for maintenance? i dont have any kids