Updated regulation for mutation of flat in West Bengal

5.12.15 Dear Sir, Re. Updated regulation for mutation of flat in West Bengal I have purchased a ready flat from a Housing Development Company at Mahestala Municipality near Kolkata. It is actually a joint venture company between West Bengal housing Board and a private company . The project is still under construction and no owner’s association have been created yet. I am concerned to do mutation of my said flat from the local municipality office immediately. But, I was informed by he builder that, unless 50% flat of that particular building are not sold, the municipality will not process the mutation according to the regulation for mutation. I was told by a trusted person that, there is a recent amendment in the regulation for mutation in West Bengal. According to the amendment, mutation is possible, even if one single flat is sold of a whole building by the builder. Can you please verify and confirm me the latest regulation for mutation of Flat, in West Bengal is conforming to above amendment. Thanks and regards.