How to recover encroached agricultural land from villagers

Dear Sir, This is regarding the agricultural land which has been encroached by villagers since long time. The land for each of us has been declared by Tahasildar as per possession and accordingly Talathi has enrolled the name in 7/12. But none of us having declared direction or land mark or map where exactly the land is available in the same surve number. Now this is creating a problem. We have a common 7/12 for a survey number which included 8 members with area allotted to each of us. But actual possession is not as per allotted area. The entire members possess less or more area which is not according to allotted area in 7/12. Also none of them are ready to move and occupy their actual area as per allotted in 7/12. My plan is to get the separate 7/12 and to recover actual area allotted in 7/12. I have filed application in Bhumiabhilekh department to measure the entire area of surve number and divide the land as per allotted in 7/12. The Bhuabhilekh officer has measured the entire surve number and marked with dotted line for actual possession and dark line for actual area in 7/12 in a map (K-prat). Also Bhumiabhilekh officer are not ready to interfere to move the member as per actual allotted area in 7/12. I request you to guide me how to recover area allotted in 7/12 and how to get a separate 7/12. Please let me know if more information is required. Thanking in advance for your kind suggestion.