How to control a drunker's club (unauthorised) in Howrah area

Sir, I am a resident of 44 no ward in Howrah, under Chatterjee Hat PS. The area is Mahesh Pal Lane. One room was build on the encroached land by the miscreant and previously named as " Balak Sangha". The so called secretary is a local criminal and having good number of case pending with police record. Gathering of 8 to 12 people stated almost every day from 8pm to 11 pm particularly on Thrusday and sunday (without fail). They are enjoying drinks, misic, etc. After having few rounds of drinks they started shouting within themselves, even talking foul languages. This Hero is showing his strength to all of us, residing in the adjoining area when ever he feels suit. Previously, they have extracted money from us, during our house construction; in the year 2007-08. Few years back police locked this club room due to some serous incidence happens with one of our next door neibour. But again they have come up very strongly. We are feeling very unsecured and helpless every time. Night becomes a night mere, some time. Shall be highly obliged, if you please guide me what to do now and how to tackle this situation, where we can make a complain to resolve permanently.