Can husband give divorce without consent of wife?

I am 28 year old woman. I get married 2 years before. My husband is from odisha.His parents stay there with my husband's elder brother in there own house. I live in chennai with my husband. After some months of my marriage I came to understand that my husband's family is very orthodox n conservative. My husband's house is man oriented family. Daughter-in-laws are not allowed to speak much with her mother over phone, they are not allowed to speak in front of father-in-law, untill father-in-law gives permission, daughter-in-law is not supposed to visit her parents house etc.For them son is more important than Daughter-in-law.If dauther-in-law complains about husband's behaviour or habbits ( not taking bath till 4-4 days, not brushing teeth, not coming to bedroom till 3 am in d morning even after marriage, always playing games over phone) they wont say anything to their son and will start blaming daughter-in-law. I thought my husband is a IT professional, they people are used to live like that but after sonetime he will understand that after marriage life changes. But he didnt make any changes in his habbits. I started complaining that these are not good habbits. But he didnt listen. Sometimes we fought very badly because he never expressed his love 4 me. Al the time watching TV n playing games. If I say I want to talk, he replies you say I am listening however he is playing game all the time in his phone. This sometimes made me frustated n I shouted also. This has become routine. My husband's parents are greedy as they always expecy something something from my parents. I am a qualified profession and was doing job. My parents financial condition was not good so I helped them financially. What my in laws want that I should give money to them.Once my mother has given call to my husband n tried to make him understand for coordinating with me. My husband and his mother made a issue that how my mother has given call to son-in-law as how dare she to give call to her son.My husband started abusing my mother. My mother in law given call to my mother and fought over phone however at the time of marriage she herself told that you are giving your daughter but taking a son. Now my husband os not talking properly with me since april 2015 n we dont have any type of physical relationship with each other. I am tolrating all this silently. Some days before my father got cancer and i went to my native in MP without asking any permission from anybody( i was angry as my husband said some bad words after listening about my father's illness like he is getting results what he did in past) but my father died within 15 days.After 6-7 days of his death my mother-in-law threatned me like, not to come back chennai, take care of your mother, she is taking money from you, better to take care of her only n no need to come back. When I spoken to my husband in whatsapp( as he never picks my call) he said my mother is giving correct reaction. These ppl always treat my parents like slave n they think they are from boyside so they should get respect. I came back chennai because i had some work. My husband never beated me , but he is not taking care of me, not speaking propery( because I always tell him about his habbits), not having any relationship. Now my questions are: 1) In this situation how a girl can stay with a this type of mad husband n in laws, If I go back to my parent's house with my own wish, can they deny me to do so? 2) I think my husband will try to take divorce because husband and in laws are not getting any money from me which they thought they will get as I am a qualified professional, but I am neither ready to give him divorce nor ready to stay with him. Can he take divorce forcefully? ( because I know after divorce they will again try to marry their son with another girl who can give them money and again will spoil her life as we know no qualified girl will complete their greedy wish) 3)If I am ready to give divorce , will I get any alimony? (I am a qualified professional but currently not in job) I have tried to explain my situation, My father had died, these ppl are taking benefit of that because they think they wont get anything in future from my mother as she is alone now n dependent on me only. I WANT TO TAKE CARE MY MOTHER AS MY FATHER HAS SPENT ALL HIS LIFE SAVING OVER MY EDUCATION. HE TREATED ME LIKE A BOY. THIS PERDON HAS SPOILED MY LIFE.BY NOT GIVING DIVORCE I WANT TO TEACH A LESSON TO THESE TYPE OF GREEDY N CONSERVATIVE PERSON THAT WOMAN IS NOT THEIR SLAVE AND THEY CANT EXPLOITE HER.