Notice to appear under crpc 160

I am a businessman based out of delhi and we are enagegd in selling goods online . we receive the order through websites like flipkart Snapdeal etc . we ship the product through couriour designated by them. We shipped a mobile phone through couriour x but customer claimed he has received empty box instead of mobile. The customer filed a complaint with local police in chandigarh . the police sent me a notice to appear at police station after 7 days but the notice has no mentioning of the complaint details. It just states ur required to be present else actjon will be taken. 1. Our juridiction is delhi can a conplained be filed in chandigarh 2. Can police summon us without giving case details as this will lead to wastage of time 3. Can police make an arrest / action when we visit the police station 4. Can my lawyer / representative appear on my behalf 5. If the police at time of visit explains and seek further explaination and again ask us to be presebt on a later date? Please explain the same