What type of claim I may lodge before the company ?

Respected Sir, I am an executive officer of a limited company. That company declared suspension of work in Nov 2005 and closed down. The company applied for sick industry to the BIFR. And subsequently BIFR approved their acheme. As per the BIFR order it is clearly stated there that the company has reopened in 2009 within the same place and within five years. The company reopened with few selective employees. Sir I have joined in the company 1980 as a clerical staff and in the year 2000 I got promotion as an Executive Officer. In BIFR order it is clearly stated that total number of employees were in the company 751, out of that 641 employees settled their accounts through bipartite agreement between union and management. 25 employees (non union) resigned and joined other company. Rest of the non union employees have not been informed by the company to join their duty or to ask them for settlement of their account. I am one of them who has not been informed anything. In the mean time on 3rd October 2015 I have automatically retired from my service as I have completed 58 years and the company's retirement age is 58 years. Sir till date I have been not informed by the company to go and collect all my dues. Sir, I want to know what type of claim I may lodge to the company i.e. salary, PF, Gratuity, leave salary and other benefits till my retirement date. Please advice me in this regard so that I can proceed further. Thanking you. Biswajit Sengupta