Property Family Issue

Thank you very much in advance for replaying to my concern. My Father retired and gifted his property to my Elder Bother 90 yards and 80 yards gifted to his daughter to myself. My brother has approached to me and asked to do the 80 yards register on his name to construct the Building and we mutually agreed in a family meeting that, after constructing he would gift us back my choose floor. and I have paid every penny to construct my floor. Now the Building is completion stage and, I went back to him and asked to make the registration my floor on my name but, he refusing to do the same instead of he is saying that, he will give my 80 yards back but, he wont write the floor on my name completely and he is willing to give us only sitting area on our name that is 60%. am totally confused. I have brought this issue to my Father and my father is saying that, he will cancel the Gift which has given to my Elder brother. how to deal with it?and my Elder brother? I need your kind advice on this, how can we get this sorted immediately? Kind Regards