redevelopment of commerical prroperty

dear sir , we have a commerical shop in mumbai ,malad west .station road .we have road facing showroom from more than 40 years .but builder is saying that he will be giving at second floor . we have shop no 5 and builder is givig a road facing to shop no 4 and 6 . then why he is not giving to us .we dont understand the reason . builder say that if you dont understand to us we have the power to bribe government officials. and they will throw your shop . sir i want to know your advice that how to teach a lesson to builder . if we suicide can builder project can be stopped . and publish in all online social media about harassement of builder . he say that we are heere for profit if we give you a road facing then what we will earn . sir if we dont get our shop road facing we will ultimately loosing business and ultimately to die and before a builder bribe to all government we can suicide by complaining to all official whether in police station, commissioner ,social networking site such as facebook ,twitter . international legal publication. sir please advice some solid tip how to get our shop back on road facing . and how to teach a lesson to the builder.