Contract Employeement

Sir, On 1st July 2015 i was appointed on the designation of Technical Assistant of computers Delhi university international student house for women's on contract . on the advertisement it was mention the job is contract basis but no time duration or months i.e the job is for like 6 months or something not mention at the time of the interview i asked to the appointing authority what is the job duration and what are the terms and condition . Provost who appointed me told its a contract job 6 months terms which goes on increasing every time you just cant clam for permanency. Now the provost is try to remove me with using cheap methods by putting false allegation or can use any method to remove me . Recently she gave me a letter of misconduct with staff i didn't responded to her letter was my biggest mistake and now she is going to give another letter which i dont know what it would be but for sure by this way she is following protocol of giving 3 letter than she will be able to remove me. so i need your advice if she give me a letter can i deny it to take it or if i take it how should i response to it please guide me in this matter