Mis-selling and signature forgery on the insurance policies

There were some insurance policies which was insured under my name. The sales agent Mis-sold the these policies to my father he is a retired person of 64 years who has been GROSSELY CHEATED FOR A MASSIVE AMOUNT TOTAL NEARLY 20 LACS for Multiple life insurance Policies by Insurance Broker/Agents , he has becomes a victim of Cold Calling Investment Scam. Even after the Free look up period was over I was not aware of any such policies. I did not sign in on any of the agreement policy documents. All the policies have my forged signature on it. My father’s cheques had been MISAPPROPRIATED to issue various policies. Our yearly income does not allow us to invest that much in these FAKE POLICIES. The policy documents were dispatched to the mailing address but as I am not staying on the mailing address, I was not aware of any such polices. I am working in a private company and staying at Pune Maharashtra. I was not aware regarding the polices because nobody contacted or informed me from insurance policy company or any otherwise regarding these polices. Also I was in London United kingdom when the four policy of this total was signed and issued. We have approached these company COO desk, but they are not willing to return our money. Please advise.