How much share will i get in my fathers property

Sir, my father got married in 1980 with my mother, my parents have two sons ,one born in 1982 and other in 1988, later after some years passed , elder son have expired accidentally, in the year 1998 after that incident my mother had got shocked with this incident, after some days she have recovered and saw younger son , after some days my father kept me in hostel for the porpose of study, after that he got up operated to my mother for birth of child as she is already operated for family planning but for that my mother health was fully damaged and got severe health problem, then my father took my mother to yerragadda mental health and gave shock treatment, so for that she got fully mentally sick, after that my father sent my mother out of house and dint see her, for that my grand father (fater of my mother) have filed a pitition againist this incident in court, then court have ordered for the maintenance charges of 1500/- per month, but my mother did not get divorced, after that my father got married with another girl in the year 2001 ending , after that even that girl ka case againist my father that he said that my mother is expired and married her by cheating, after that he got married again in 2003 with another girl aged 23years as my father age 49years, now recently he purchased lands in her name ,, before the marriage of third girl we have one house in city,and one house in village and 5acres of agricultural land in village ,and after marriage of third wife he purchased two lands one in city and one in village, so in these house in city is in name of my father and village properties are in name of my grand father (fathers father) so now he is trying to give all the properties to that third girl,he is trying to send me out of house , sir, i have a question that do i get property from that what what is in the name of my father and my grand father as i am first wifes son , and how much share will i get and how much share will third wife and his one son get ,, can anyone sir give me suggestion about said property how will i get from that thanking you your's faithfully first wifes son