Judicial Separation

I and my wife are happily married for last 14 years with two children aged 13 & 11 years. There were some conflicts between both the families during initial 1-2 years of marriage which slowly took the back seat and things moved on since then. Somehow there has always been a though going on at the back of every family member that my wife us totally non-adjusting and wants a separation from the inlaws and want to stay alone with me and her two children. During this course of time we bought new house very near to the matrimonial house and I with my wife and two children moved into new house leaving our parents alone. Somehow I feel that I am not doing justice to my duties. Neither am I able to take care of my parents nor my family. Ultimately this is creating lot of stress as neither my wife want to shift back to matrimonial home nor my parents wants to stay with us. Here one thing is important to share that my wife is ready to do everything for them and indeed she is doing and also my parents visits our house. But there is always an atmosphere of cold war between my parents and my wife. In this pretext I and my wife have mutually agreed to get judicially separated and I go and stay with my parents. Please advise.