IT company's Bond/Agreement

Dear Sir, I have joined IT company in May,2014. I have accepted 1.5 year agreement verbally with HR and Management but based of company's policy i have to signed a agreement of 2 years with the company that I will work with the company for a minimum of 2 years or pay 2,00,000 rs if break. Now I going to complete my 1.5 years and give my resign. The problem is HR is not accepting that we have discussed about 1.5 years and force me to work more 6 months. Here I am ready to give my 1 month salary and request them to leave me. But They are not going to change their decision. But, I got a good job opportunity with higher salary this month and I gave resignation from my position with a notice period of 1 week. Today my employer have threatened me that I have breached all the clauses and my relieving letter will not be provided to me. They also said that they will sue me. Please help me legally how I can leave this company and if I leave, do I need to pay 2,00,000 rs? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks & Regards, Vipul Patel