Wife threatening to file false dowry case

Sir I married on 14 Aug 14.... she doesn't look after home... not even cock food... ill treat mother abuse her...not even cohabiting with me since last 4 months.... without proper reasons... now they threatening me... if I won't leave my mother wife will not going t stay with me and file false dowry harrasement case.I am working in defence so I took up matter to organisation they counselled wife they submitted report that wife is creating unnecessary problems. Now I took wife to home and arranged talks with elders there they tried to convince wife and in laws but thy refused and they demanded 20 lakhs... if we give amount thy will give me divorce... r thy will file false dowry case.... is it advisable for me to file divorce case on wife as she refusing and compelening me to leave my parents not t look after them... and no cohabitation and willingly deserting my house... Me now posted in Assam and my home town in Andhra Pradesh... can I file divorce case in assam as I am working here.... I have that telephonic Conversation my mother-in-law threatening me tat if I wont leave my mother they will put burn marks by themselves on wife body and file dowry harrasemet case and from last 2 months she with her mother..