Tenant locked the house and is not reachable

I have let out a portion of my house at Hyderabad to a woman in the month of Jan 2015 for a monthly rent of Rs.5300. The agreement is only oral and there is no documentary agreement. As we wanted to let out only to a family, the woman claimed that her husband left for UK on a business tour and would be back in a couple of days and children are studying in a boarding school. Out of compassion, we allowed her to move in. Right from inception she has been defaulting in paying rent and has locked and left the house in August 2015. Neither paid the rent nor the electricity bills from August. As the electricity dept has threatened with disconnection, i had paid the arrears of the bill. Her phone is not reachable and is directed only to her voicemail. She does not respond to my messages. Her whereabouts are not known. I dont know whether she has left any of her articles in the house. It appears she has borrowed money from many people who are roaming around my house and causing nuisance. After occupying the house she informed she is a divorcee. Please advise if i fi;e a suit for eviction, how long will it take for an ex-parte decision. Can i break open the house in the presence of the society members and few reputed persons and conduct panchnama. What is the option left to me to secure my house at the earliest.