Do I have a right to ask the relatives to get out of my house??

Hi, Me and My husband live separately in different countries (Me in Pune, he in the USA). We have been living separately for last 2+ years. I have not legally separated from him and we are still in a marriage. I have an 8 year old daughter who is living with me in Pune at my parents house. My husband bought a flat back in 2002/2003 for 14 lacs on which he put both our names, mine and his. The property agreement possess both my and his names as owners. When I decided to separate and get away from him and came back to India, Pune, I asked him to let me live in house, of which I am the owner as well. However, In this house, his brother, brother's wife and their two kids live. Husband's brother and his family have been living there (in our flat) for last 5 years. Obviously , when I came back to India, Pune, I could not live along with them in the same house. So I asked my husband to ask his brother and his family to leave our house. (Husband's brother actually has his own flat which is has rented out). My Questions are- -- Do I possess the rights to ask husbands brother and his wife to get out of my house? -- IN such a case where my husband does not want the brother and his family to get out of the house, are the laws still in my favor? if I don't want them to continue to live in my house, what does the law say ? Will it favor my husband who wants brother and his wife to stay in the house? Or will it favor me who does not want husband's brother and his wife in that house? Highly appreciate your advice. Thank you for your time. Looking forward.