Not getting wages on time since 1 year

Hi all, I work for a private firm called Infinite computer solutions in Bangalore. They have a process called iyogi to which I am was hired for as a senior tech expert. Infinite bills for iyogi and they pay them, in turn infinite pays to iyogi process employees. It's been almost a year the salary issue is continuing. We are supposed to get paid onor by 1 St of every month. But since 1 year the salaries are not been paid no time. When contacted to HR they say iii would take 1 week more. So the story continues month on month. First it was 1 week delay, then 2 weeks, 3 weeks. And now its been 2 to 3 months we haven't been paid. There is no one to ask about the salaries. The HR doesn't know when the salaries are paid. And on the top of it if anyone raises a point on the management they are terminated. And the fnf is not paid for them. There are people who are still waiting for fnf since more than 3 months. There are people like me who have lost peace of mind. Because the company not paying on time as since we need to run the family's we depand on credits from other's for interest. There are people who have pawn there wife jewellery to support the family. When contacted infinite computer solutions management they to contact iyogi process management for salary issue. We need a legal help.