Husband not willing to stay with wife

My sister (cousin) was living with her husband since 12 year and have two kids. They both have availed loan & constructed a house at the maternal property and residing there since 3 years along with her parents. In the recent past there were couple of quarrels between husband & wife in financial matter and the husband has moved to his parental house in the next district. My sister registered a complaint in the women cell & the couple of under gone counseling coupe of times. Though my sister is willing to lead this married life, her husband is not responding to any of the counseling nor willing to come and stay with my sister. He is totally not responding to the pleas of my sister. Her parents are ready to move out of this new house if the couples feel that the parents are root cause to the problems. The demand of the husband is that wife should come and live with him in his parental house which lacks most basic amenities. Also this would affect the schooling of kids, my sisters job and the new house had to be locked out with out use. With this as the back ground how can my sister get her husband to live with her in this house legally?