About cancelled marrige

Hi sir, I am using my cousins account for query.i am well educated 29 yr old girl.my marrige was fixed on 7 dec but got cancelled.roka was done on 24 may 2015.it got cancelled 20 days before engagement.engagement was on 21 oct 2015.we belong to UP but i was born n brought up in delhi only .we are well settled in delhi.my fiancee belonged to delhi only but they had conservative thoughts and upbringing.girls are not allowed to speak in their families that i got to know later on. All things told by mediator strats unfolding after all arrangements were done but i adjusted with all as i had feelings and attachment.on 24 sept things got out of hand as my fiancee insulted me among his friends on phone .i called his father and told evything i have been tolerating since roka.demands were given by dem in two lists.i have call recordings the way he treated me as i told his father to come and listen to all.he did'nt came and accepted his son was wrong.i was in anger and shock as he threatened me to commit suicide if i tell all to his family.he kept on asking about the lists to be fulfilled at the time of marrige or not.i have chats in which he use to say break the relation ,tudwa do call kr k and all and i begged not to say all this.As i loved him and never wanted to part.Aftre 25 sept nobody from his side talked or called me just mediator was all over trying to convience me to not to break the relation.i was so angry i didnt listened.later on 29 my father tried to sort the matter face to face but his father refused to talk or confornt.he did made efforts but his father didnt listened his thngs.i got to know through mediator.my feelings are real for him and i did tried talking to him but due to that recording thing he never got ready to talk.now can i do anything legally to get married to him on any grounds.he says he has moved on.things became worst because nobody talked face to face.nw their father had this thing in mine that people from UP are not good as they hesitated before roka .i just want to talk it out and get married to him.as evything was done even cards wrere printed.he accepted all his mistakes i had recoording of that also.but due to his father decision and beating he says he doesnt love me and will never wana talk or meet. my parents are open minded they'll do anything but his father is illetrate and backward he wont accept or agree on any condition so i wana know can i take any legal action to marry him on the basis of proofs i have as he forced me to say no to marrige by doing all that intentionally.hurting me so badly.he did talked abt the cash he was expecting regarding car and on over phone and do talked to me abt cancelation if cash was not delivered on promised date before marrige. please help.