Harrasment by girls family bcz of false dowry case

Sir, we are from punjab and my family belongs to middle class. My bro.is in australia. He married a girl and after 20 days of marriage she went to australia with my bro.after that she forced my bro.not to talk with ur parents if nt so than i will logde a false dowry case. Even after the marriage my oarents sent them about 10 lakhs which we have records too.we demand nothing from them in marriage. After getting SIR visa she forcbly came to india n lived with their parents about 2 months bt nvr visited to our house. After that my bro n she is living seperatly under supervision of australian police as my bro.logde a complaint about her activities.NOw by giving authority to her parents she lodge a application of false dowry.first application sp writes about that there is no dowry case. Bt now again she lodge a application n threating us if my bro dnt live with her they will register a case on me (sis) my father n my mother. We nvr talked to her n her parents from lst 1 year even we have recordings bt they are with the help of leaders forcing police to register the case.