Mutual consent divorce

Sir, I had undergone a registered marriage on 17 aug 2014 with a girl without telling to anybody except few friends who were acted as witnesses(ages:20 yrs,21 yrs, 22 yrs) but we haven't led a single day as a married couple and now it has been more than a year we havent even seen each other and relation is also gone really bad, now it seems like as if we are struck in a really bad situation. Neither I nor she has a taken a marriage certificate. Now i want to get out of this miserable situation and want live a normal life which appears as a dream. I am totally fed up with this situation as conditions are really getting worse, since parents are also forcing for another marriage but cant go for other as i am struck in this.It seems like as if whole life has got spoiled. Sir please suggest any quick solution to get out of it. As time is the essence since parents are putting pressure for the marriage. how can I get out quietly from this ordeal without informing anybody especially my parents who will really feel ashamed of my act???? Can this marriage can be cancelled in the registrar office or full divorce court case has to be fought???? how much time it will take to get out of it????? Are there any quicker ways to solve the issue, which will take only a month almost????