498A / 323 / 506 / 34 -

On 13th Nov 2015 My wife's father, sister and brother came to my house and my mom was alone that time. I was in office. After sometime my in-laws starting taunting my mom and then when she tried saying something they all started using abusive language. My mom called me and I asked her to call 1091 and in the mean time I called some of my relatives. Police reached my home and said that it is your homely matter try getting it resolved if it does not get resolved then come to police station then we will resolve it. When I reached home all of them (my in-laws) started shouting and then started literal fighting my wife and her sister scratched my mom and did bad things.. my brother-in-law and father in law started fighting with me... suddenly, my brother-in-law came to his car and got a base-ball bat hit me when my sister's husband saw he took the hit on his hand and he got fractured hand. We went to police station station somehow and our started putting the report in front of police twice. It took long time. During this time police took my brother-in-law to hospital and got his MLC done and took statement. We still have not been taken to the hospital for medical instead we were asked by police to get the medical done on our own. We went to hospital and they asked to come with police. It was very difficult for us to get our report filed and the police got our report written by themself. 2 days after we get to know that my wife filed an FIR of 498A/323/506/34 and our FIR has still not been even considered and the fractured hand complete MLC report was also not being taken by the police from hospital. With hell lot of efforts and continous visit they filed our FIR and took MLC from hospital. Please suggest if my mom could also have an FIR report lodged against my in-laws