Wife getting missguided and in laws threatening for 498a

Its been 15 months for marriage and had a baby boy 40days old. I been in USA before marriage and worked in western culture. When my wife went to her home for delivery, she started behaving weired. After delivery when i asked for baby naming ceremony, she denied to follow me and started accusing that i betrayed her and her family ! How ? That i had relations with girl in USA before marriage? That i never took her out for movie and didnt bought car! That we promised to deposite 5 lakhs on her name and we didnt did that? That i stay out long in nights and talk to girl in US? That i shouldnt work in nights and search only day jobs That she dont want to come now and asking for Maintanance? That i cant see my son as i dont want my wife and want only son !! I approached PS for seeing my son and they also approached with same alligations mentioned above. We had counselling and i proved that girl was my friend and agreed that i can change my behaviour and try to find day jobs. But she is not ready to listen and asking money for maintanance. Hence, police informed her to approach court for further fight.. I am wondering how to make my marriage work and stop in laws interfering my marriage life. If she really dont value relation then what will b next ... Will it 498a... Never demanded dowery or beat wife