Action against in laws

Sir, I am a married lady with two daughters, aged 9 and 3 yrs. My husband and in laws shifted to another place three years ago. I m residing in my matrimonial house which is registered in my and my husband's name. MY husband and in laws pressurised me to vacate the house after my second daughter's birth. But i denied. I lodged a suit against my father in law for the irrevocation of power of attorney, which me and my husband did at the time of purchasing flat , in which i am residing. For the last 9 months my in laws r residing in the same house but not my husband. but they are torturing me mentally. They are not contributing anything in the household expenses. My husband is not staying with us till now . I have filed maintenance case against him also, as he is not paying anything buy i am also a govt. employee. I dont want to be separated. What can I do to throw my in laws out of my house if my husband is not living with me or my children. Will I get any relief in maintenance case if I m already working. And if something is possible to bring back my husband. I know about conjugal rights, but I am afraid as he has denied to stay with me . Pls tell me anything else so that i can bring back my husband and say my in laws to go from my house.