Harassment by parents(not sexual)

I am asking this question only to know the legal side of my problem, I won't like the child welfare committee take action in this case. I am a student of 17 years old. My dad is punishing me extremely for silly cases. Obviously you would think his side is right. But he had dipped me in a tub of water when I was only 5 years old. My grandfather (mother's father) saved my life that time. And he has done many things like that after that incident.my mother has no voice in front of him and she even partially agrees to his side. My family is financially well fit and have many ancestral property totalling to a sum of around 12 crores. I do not want a single coin from their account but I have got a government seat for diploma which have an expense of total 8980 rupees. And also slight expenses with it.my grandmother who is a retired government teacher is ready to finance my studies but my dad blocks everyone who tries to help me. In the recent days my dad heavily abused her claiming that she deposited 1lakh rupees as fixed deposit in my name in the sub treasury. Is there any legal provision for me to get seperated from my parents and be an orphan? I am ready to repay the sum of money my parents used for my educational needs as soon as I get a job after completing my studies. I would like to know about every possible law points against these cases. My grandmother who has got abused is also a senior citizen. I am asking legal points because my dad have strong hold in government and also have many advocates for help. So in case this goes to the court , how can I get an advocate for my side? I need all points of laws which could be claimed in the court. And can I present this case in front of court myself? I request to keep this message as a secret.