Unmarried Maternal Aunt died with no legal will

My mother has 4 sisters and a brother. Aunt1 Lives in House A Uncle1 Delhi Mom House B Aunt2 Lives in House A; Husband Lives in House B with a young Daughter. Aunt3 Lives in House A Aunt4 Lives in House A The Eldest of all is my Aunt1 who is not married then comes my Uncle1 who is married and is living away with his family. 2nd is my mother then 2nd Aunt lives with my Aunt1 as they both are teaching in same area. Aunt2's Husband is a Lawyer and lives on the same property as we do which belongs to my Aunt1 + Aunt4. Aunt3 is suffering from mental illness and is discarded by her family about 10-15 years ago and stays with my Aunt1 and finally my Aunt5 lived with Aunt1 too. Aunt1 and 4 bought House B with joint money with ground floor belonging to Aunt4 and first floor to Aunt1. My Mother and Sister Lives on Ground Floor and on First Floor Aunt 2's Family Lives(Husband + Daughter). My Aunt4 bought a land with her money and a car. she was ill from last 3 years and through out these years my sister and mom took care of her. she used to hate my uncle as they Literally threw her out of their home when she was young and my maternal grandpa died. that time she lived with my parents.when she got into job and became an earning member people started respecting her but she remembered how they treated her so she never trusted any one. she had a deep attachment with me even though i never helped her out much. she never liked my sister but by the time she died she realized who has helped her the most so as per her will she told everyone around that me and my sister will inherit everything. Now before dying she has distributed all her property among 3 kids. I got an Insurance of 6 Lakhs. As per her personal diary her part of house (Ground Floor) goes to my sister and a plot she owned goes to Aunt2's Daughter. her car goes to Aunt1. this is all written in her personal diaries but not on any legal documents. Now, My eldest Aunt1 is under pressure from her brother to give him the property.Aunt2's husband is also playing all sort of politics with her wife and almost everyone wants their share. My Aunt4 knew this but she wasn't expecting her death so she never wrote any legal will. She needed people to help her so she also played along and let people help her for share in her property but she insisted my mother to stay at her floor so that no other relative captures it as they have done on parental property already. Now my Question is who is the legal owner of her Assets? who can claim it? what is the procedure?