Unpaid Salary

I have joined the below company 3 months ago (Nov 2019) and still in Probation period. For the first two months company did not pay the salary on time and there was considerable delay. I am not entitled to EPF, Medical Insurance or Night shift allowance. I have resigned to my job effective March 02, 2020 due to my health concerns and my notice period is 30 days as per the appointment letter. But the company has withheld my salary for the month of January and demanding that I should start serving my Notice period and they would settle both the salaries (Feb and Mar) in FNF. I am asking for them to provide a documentation for the same but they are not willing to. I have also not received payslips till date for last 3 months. Since I have financial commitments, this would impact me very badly. Initially they told rotational shift but later they demanded for continuous night shift and till date I have served the same. They are not even paying the night shift allowance. I am ready to serve notice period but they are not allowing me to do so and withholding my salary. Company name: PROIVE INNOVENTIC TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES PRO PRIVATE LIMITED CIN number: U72900KA2018PTC118823 Please guide me.