How do I claim my lawful business amount?

Dear Sir, I would hereby like to enquire about issuing a notice to one, Mr Vinay Kumar who has entered into a business contract with me and defaulted in payments and violated all the Agreement terms and conditions. Moreover, he has counter filed a complaint against me and asking to solve it judiciously. So I hereby seek your assistance in helping me through this and would be grateful, if provided personal appointment with you for more detailed discussion. The below is the brief summary of the Police Complaint lodged at Chandra Layout police station. wish to officially lodge a complaint against Mr. B.G. Vinay Kumar and Mr Gangadhar for Cheating, Fraudulent and Cheque bounce case. The suspects have entered into a Cab Lease Business Contract with me and have violated the terms and conditions as set forth in the Agreement. The vehicle and the business contract have been misused for their personal benefits. The suspects have the outstanding balance of INR 37340.00, which includes, Contract amount of INR 21740.00, Mobile Bill charges of INR 5100.00, Vehicle/Contract damage charges of INR 5000.00, Cheque Bounce charges of INR 500.00 and Fraudulent charges of 5000.00. The suspects are threatening me dire consequences informing they know AG, DGP, IGP and Commissioner of Police and nobody can take any action against them. Even after trying to solve the issue amicably, on many occasions, they are neither willing to solve nor terminate the contract. The suspects have handed over the vehicle to me on 5 November 2015 and informed the balance contract amount would be settled through cheque and provided me with the cheque of INR 15000.00, which was bounced and later returned to them on the demand of clearing the outstanding balance; however, till date no payment has been made to me from them towards the final settlement except 15000.00 INR.. Moreover, the suspects has modified my vehicle ownership documents and has attached the vehicle to OLA Cab Services Private Limited without my consent. Currently, I am unable to attach the vehicle legally as the OLA authorities are demanding the GPS device to be returned to them which is not with me. The suspects are neither providing me with NoC (No Objection certificate) nor cancelling their contract with OLA. There have been more than 2 cheque bounces in the last 3 months which has affected my bank transactions and the delay in the payments has affected my Financial Condition as I am unable to clear the dues to my creditors on time. I have already filed an official complaint with Chandra Layout police station and request you to issue the notice against the suspects for above mentioned charges and prevail me with the justice. Please let me know me for further any details. The suspects details are as follows: Name of the Primary suspect: B.G. Vinay Name of the Secondary suspect: Gagadhar Address: #1409, E-320, Dubasipalya, Valagerahalli, RVCE Post, Bengaluru 560060 Phone numbers: [deleted]/[deleted]/988681810