Domestic Violence Act

Hi My uncle was passed away year back by that time he and his wife was living with his parents. After he died we all (daughters of my uncle) was supporting and told my uncle's wife to stay with her In-law's. She stayed with them for sometime then she went back to her mother's place and filed a case against her In-law's under women's protection act 2005 section 18 saying like In-law's are not allowing her to live there and all in-law's and daughter In-law's are trying to acquire her housband's property (please note all immovable property's are belongs to her in-laws). from the beginning we don't have any objection of staying my uncle wife there. Now after several trail court issued an order to my In-law's to allocate a house to their daughter in law in their premises. As per court order we allocated house to her but she wants to move a different house in the same premises for this her In-law's are objecting to move. So please advice us how to proceed further ? Also can we appeal against court order ?