Wife giving threats of misusing 498 and imprisionment

Hi all, pl advise, One of my friend got married last year, in initial stage everything went ok, now after six months of the marriage, his wife started to stay more than usual time e.g. earlier she stas to her parental house for three / four days but after six months she stays there for 10/15/20/30 days without reason, now due to panic situation my friend's parents started to go to her relatives to convince her to come back but it is now clear that She do not wants to stay in laws house, her father is not sound in financial condition, her brother due to his irresponsible and manner-less behavior not run the store well which they are owning, so to run that well and due to any other personal reasons she is not coming back, Now two three times my friend go to his laws to convince and get her back, she put allegation of making "Dhamal" to make him out of the house, if he calls her than she use "torture" word to keep him away, she is pregnant and showing this reason she and her mother trying to pressurize my friend and his family that do not try to bring her back or they will misuse of 498 and make them behind bars. the main thing is before getting married with my friend she married one more guy and at the time of getting divorce they had taken money and gold with that innocent guy too, In this situation it clearly seems that by misusing the (women favorable) LAWS they wants to cheat and demanding money which they make their profession. Pl advise in this case.