Breach of Agreement

We are a SME in Kolkata started 'Contract Packing' job of a Big Limited company - after going for a Written Agreement. The agreement has 'Arbitration' clause for 'Dispute. settlement. The said company has not paid us for our Packing services, & also holding our 'Bank Guarantee'. They are saying that they have terminated our services about one year back - but they have not informed us anything in writing nor any E.mail in this regard. More over there was a 'Notice Period' of Three month for terminating of agreement - for both side - which was not followed. Since the company is not answering or paying our dues - we want 'Legal remedies' offered by Indian Laws. What should we do. How to get this dispute settled by Arbitration - which was mentioned in the 'Agreement' ? Can we appeal to any Court directly or we should go through the 'Arbitration'. How to approach an 'Arbitrator' - to settle our case. Who appoints the 'Arbitrator' - & what is the procedure. Pl. help. Thanking you. With regards. Shekhar Roy. (M & W.App) + [deleted] PACKAGING SYSTEMS & SERVICES 18/211, Dr. N.G.Saha Road. Behala, Raidighi, Kolkata - 700 061 INDIA ************