Visitation rights to grand son

My son and his wife are having some quarrels. Daughter in law is living with our grand sonin Gurgaon.i as grand father want right to talk over phone phone and skype- meet child when i want and bring him to my home in gwalior for two or three days and send him back tL mother. Daughter in law is from Gwalior- She has shiftef to Gurgaon. Her parents are in Gwalior.They are married for almost two years. It is a love marriage. The girl tried to committ suicide two days make me uncomfirtable about the care of baby. As grand father , husband's father. I wish to have free access to child.The child had grown in my arms. He is extremelly attached to me. I simply want free acess for visitation and carrying him to home for some days every month. I also want child may not be maltreated and subjected to harsh language. He should be provided safe and secured living. I am not asking for custody at this moment. Child is barely two years and two months. I am a lawyer too. Doing LLM 3rd sem. But have no practice experince. Please guide.