Auction of property by Bank

Bank advertised for sale of property fixing the date as 06th March for receipt of EMD and bid and interse bidding on the basis of e-tendering on 14/3/2014. There was no tender till this date. Date was extended by issue of Corrigendum on 07/03/2014 to 10th March by publishing in the newspaper of 7th March, No wide publicity was given as confirmed in the reply under RTI. EMD draft dated 6/3/14 was credited to the bank account on 14/3/2014. Balance of the amount to make 25% of the bid was also deposited on 15th March and not immediately. Balance of 75% was also deposited after six months in Sept 2014 after the stay granted for confirmation of sale was vaccated. There is request for extension of time due to personal difficulty of the auction purchaser but no order of the authorised officer is in file nor the borrower consent was taken , No fresh valuation of the property worth more than 4 crores was got done nor the same was shared with the borrower. Can I request for cancellation of sale by filling IA in DRT where the SA filed is pending for adjudication.