Domestic violence

Sir my brother's wife has filed a case of domestic violence against him. This we came to know thru one of our relative.. after geting this info we checked online to confirm if the info was true.. my brother's wife has file the case under sec 12 of dv act.. sir we hav not recvd any notice frm court and the date of hearing mentioned online is 4th dec 2015 we are confused wht to do whether my brother shud produce himself on 4th dec or not as notice is not recvd till date.. also i would like tell that my brother's wife is residing at her parents home since last 7 months without our will we tried to call her back many times but her mother used to deny.. on sept 25 2014 my brother got married.. after which his wife stayed wid us in our rented housd in lucknow for 5 and half months.. during that time we were busy wid our father as he was in last stage cancer.. on 19 march 2015 he expired. My brother as he is in indian army came to home only during his leave longest leave was of 2mnth in feb and march that was because our father was terminally.. i dont know when this dom violence happened this is a false case.. and wht do we do.. help us..