Fraud case

I was working for the MNC bank wherein I was been given set of customers.During which I met one NRI client from London.I gave her all the banking services also helped the client to Invest her money.She came from London with her husband and one friend.while going back to London she asked me to keep in touch for the account queries and investments.In April 2010 she called me from London anduring asked me for the good investment proposals which I helped her during the conversation she said one of her property is been sold in Ahemdabad for which she suppose to recieve20 lakhs in the account. She also asked if I can contact the Ahmedabad her people and help them with her account details and give them brief on RTGS details .For this I said due to banking rules I cannot speak 3rd party and disclose the details and she accepted it. The investment was finalised she asked me to send the forms for sign.I spoke to my Branch Head and used the best courier service DHL which goes to customer place for delivery and at same time it takes sign in the forms and delivers back to the bank.when we recieved back the courier the forms were correct but in the cheque she had put date 31/04/2010.which was invalid .I called her up to inform the same to which she said she will send the cheque again I told her to use the courier service to get the cheque faster and also more convenient and safe.But she said she has more faith in Ordinary post in London she 2 cheque in the envelope on 26/04/2010.I called her on 30th April to inform the post has not come she said since it is ordinary post it takes 6 to 7 working days on 4th May I again called her to inform post has not come to the branch .she she asked me to check with juhu post office .I along with my branch staff enquired with juhu post office but no such post had come.I called up the client on 7th may to inform the non arrival of post for which she replied there is a volcano problem in London due to which it might have delayed .she said further again her friend is coming to India on 10 th may she will send another 2 cheque from London .on 13th may her friend came to the branch with the cheques which was open and also not in the envelope.I took the cheques and verifiedo sign with the account during verifying I saw the transaction of theach customer 20 lakhs debit in the account.I called up the client to inform about the debit which was favouring her own name.the client asked the cheque number this cheque was the same cheque which she sent through normal post .on enquiry with the clearing dept we came to know the amt is cleared in Dena bank.we informed the client accordingly the client said she has no account with Dena bank.we informed the client to come to India and contact the legal Authority.client came to India after 7 days and came to our branch .Client came with her new friend who was all the time threatening bank and me .I Along with my service head accompanied client and her friend to Dena bank thane .where we met the branch manager on enquiry we came to know that account was opened on 30th April 2010 with fraud KYC fraud driving licence and fraud lease agreement.and the amt was withdrawn as a cash full 20 lakhs.on further investigation we came to know that the another cheque in the same envelopemail of Bank of Baroda was presented in Hdfc Bank on 28th of April..In unknown person acount. We then asked the client to log a police complaint about the whole incidence.the client has logged a complaint against me and my bank and also about Dena bank...........The bank and the police has done full investigation on me and I was been given clean during investigation on October 2010......Now almost after 5 years I recieved 1st summons in the month of April 2015 to attend the thane court as a witness. .which I attended where one of the witness was not present in the month of April 2015 so we were been told we will get the future date. .....Now Almost after 7 months i got summons from the court stating public prosecutor wants to involve my name also as a accused in the case for which I have to reply to the court that why I should not be accused on 10th dec 2015..... I just want to know where my I involved in the case ....when I didn't recieved the cheque which customer has posted also how come the cheque sent by normal post from London has reached India in 3 days time and presented in the bank.when it takes minimum 6 to 7 working days for the normal post .... Kindly help me in the case ...what should I do?