Filing divorce in india whiling living in Bahrain

I am on tour from my company to Bahrain as foreign assignment. My company is a PSU. I am living in Bahrain on family status. I have 6 yrs old daughter. She is studying in a school here. I was married in 2008. After marriage soon I started facing excessive interference from my in laws and slowly it became unbearable. I was totally ignored in the house. In 2009 my daughter took birth. Thereafter everything spoilt. We remained away from each other for almost 1.5 yrs. Then they filed 498a and DV in 2010 on me and my parents. Then in court she came back to me as per reconciliation. From then we are living together. But I have compromised at each and every situation. The condition of my parents went worst like they were ready for Old age home. I was not able to keep them with me. My wife insulted them too much. Even when I called them in bahrain for visit for one month. They left from here in 15 days. I cried day and night. What to do? Want to take care of my daughter. But after almost 7 yrs of my marriage I have realised that I cannot live with my wife. Very difficult to bear her nature. Request you, learned members, to guide me, how to divorce her. Thanks!