Its abt 498 in up kanpur

I want to about 498a [deleted]. My brother in low got arrange marriage last year but after two months his wife got some mental problems because of that some time she fell down. So we contacted to doctor and alao got some ct scan in that we found some old clots in frontal cortex. So we call her parents and told abt the problem but the refused to belive and also they blamed us abt this problem. And after for days they come ahmedabad and took her doughter to Kanpur for some rest. After that she was talking and chatting with all of us. All was normal but suddenly After three months from that we got court sommons. For compensation and also we come to know abt all this changes which she had blamed in court for us for registering fir against us. Now they are demanding money for sattlment. This all is false complaint. They registered fir through court for eight people in our family. Now what is the way so we can come out this bad situation. We have medical reports which we had taken last year and also wataup chating list after she had gone with parents.