Divorce from a police constable

My wife is police constable in beed district maharashtra. My marriage lasts for 1 and half month only. I did all expenses of marriage as her mother told us that my daughter is government servant. I am working in private company my salary is 20,000 rupees. Her father is died and her younger sister is also not living with her husband and she has one child. After marriage she refuses to give some salary in my home. She started to make me and my family mentally frustrated as I want 200 gram gold neckless I only use branded things, You aall re beggers. She took my salary slip befre my marriage in order to her transfer to my city. She send me court notice that I am impotent and logged a false 498 case on us. she is demanding 20 lakh rupees. she migh have upto 20 to 25 thousand salary. I have all medical reports of mine like semen analysis etc etc. She was making me mentally frustrated that on first night she was known that I am impotent. Sex should last for 30 min. You do only for 3 minute. She uploaded my photos on facebook and wrote that I am impotent. she created an account using another name. also she and her family also telling everyone in our relatives that I am impotent. she is misuing the power of police constabel and legal laws. she and her family was telling me that do property on your name. you should know that how much gold you have in your home. how much compensation do I need to give her. she send police to me and they ask for 30 thousand ruppes otherwise they will log a false report. .Please suggest i am in danger. Sometime feel to do suiside. I am taking treatment for depression to psycologists. also she took jwellary of rupees 80 thousand and telling that I have stolen that. Kindly help me Her name is Sneha Harke She is Police constable in Ambhora police station Beed district maharashtra