Ancestral property division

My grand father expired 1 yrs ago , my grand mother expired 1 week ago the suituation is my grandfather has 7 sons and 2 daughter , 1 daughter expired 3 yrs ago, 1 son is not married, my grand mother is my grand fathers 2 wife , there is misunder standing between my uncles regarding the property 4 uncle in one group and 3 uncle and 1 daughter in 1 group, one of my uncle gave lawer notice to the uncle claiming the division of property , for which the four uncle replied that they will separate after 1 yrs in the reply, but after a thought they said that there is a 'will' and as per it it belongs to 2 uncle and the 'will' is attested by another 2 uncle , making a fake will, till now they have not got the legal r certificate of my grand father and i am grand son of my grand father through his daughter now my question is 1.whether i can claim for the share of the property on behalf of my mother 2.whether there is any law favouring the claim of my grand fathers property by me 3.the fake 'will; holder are delaying the issuse , is there is any law favouring them just by delaying the issue , 4.but here they said they wont follow the 'will' and they will give equal share to every one, but the happenings does not show the signs of that , 5.but till now there is no complaint filled in court except lawer notice, is said that its take 20 to 40 yrs when we go to court , 7.i can challenge the will, but is there is any other law to quickly get the share of property 8. is there any law favouring them ( fake will holders) , just by delaying the division of property, is there is any holes in law favouring them and how i am to be conscious 9. shall i get the legal r certificate of my own , since they have not got it,