Information regarding Compromise decree

Respected Sirs/Ma'ms, Brief background of the case is that in 1973 my bothers filed a Partition Suit against my father stating that he is a spend thrift and even before the summon to the same were received by my father, my mothers forced my father to compromise and distribute the properties among themselves without making the sisters party to it, the decree was compromised within a month of filing of the suit for partition. My father died in 1980. in 1983 my bothers got the properties divided between them mutated in their respective names. My query is as follows:- 1. Since compromise decree of 1973 to 1983 my bothers did not get the property mutated in their respective names.. is there a condition in law which mandates immovable property to be mutated or registered within reasonable time after the decree has been passed. 2. is it mandatory for my father to sign on document of mutation. 3. can just the decree be enough for mutation to get affected in absence of the person in whose name the property is registered. 4. I think my father did not know at all that a partition suit has been filed and he did not even consented for compromise..How can i find that out. would really appreciate if appropriate remedy is informed to me by the legal experts on this panel. Regards Juhi